2020 Fall Clinical Case Conference —
A Virtual New York State of Mind

Via Zoom — October 16, 2020


SSTAR 2020 Fall Clinical Case Conference

via Zoom - October 16, 2020

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7:50 am Central Daylight Time (CDT) – Welcome by Sophie Bergeron, SSTAR President

8:00 am – 11:15 am CDT

Morning Session: Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, Sex Therapy and a Dominatrix’s Dungeon: Helping a Couple Navigate Discrepant Sexual Desires
Presenter: Wendy Miller, PhD
Discussant: Ursula Ofman, PysD

A case of an affectively dysregulated and emotionally disconnected couple with discrepant sexual desires. EFT was integrated with sex therapy to help them reconnect, revalue and re-find each other, to integrate one partner’s interest in kink and create a new sexual experience for both of them.Focus will also be on the value of working slowly, as well as the question of how deep engagement with our clients’ erotic lives impacts
the therapist’s own erotic life.

11:15am CDT – 11:30am CDT


11:30am CDT – 12:15pm CDT

Voluntary Breakout Discussions by Topic, such as: Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT), Treating Discrepant/Low Sexual Desire, Atypical Sexual Preferences/Behaviors, and Couple vs Individual Sex Therapy.

Each attendee will receive Zoom meeting links to the above discussions.

12:15pm CDT – 12:30pm CDT


12:30 pm – 3:45 pm CDT

Afternoon Session: Treatment of an Atypical Paraphilia: Implications for the Malleability of Human Sexuality
Presenter: Dennis Kalogeropoulos, PhD
Discussant: Gerald Wiviott, MD

This presentation will outline the case of a 27 year-old male presenting with a paraphilia involving a non- human object choice. The patient had never experienced attraction, desire or arousal to men or women and had never engaged in any interpersonal sexual activity. The evolution of the therapy will be outlined employing a multifaceted, integrative theoretical framework which addressed sexual, intrapsychic and interpersonal
issues. The presentation will also highlight some of the challenges therapists confront when treating atypical paraphilias. The implications of this case for the malleability of human sexuality will also be discussed.


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